What is the first state of the USA?

What is the first state of the USA?

What is the first state of the USA?

Ratification of the Constitution by the representatives of the Thirteen Coloniesis spread over two and a half years, i.e. between December 1787 and June 1790….Entry order of states Americans in the Union.

Order of admission1
State of the UnionDelaware
Date of admission to the UnionDecember 7, 1787
Year of foundation1638

What are the first 13 US states?

the crown (or royal) colonies include New Hampshire, Massachusetts, the province of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, the two Carolinas and Georgia.

Who colonized Puerto Rico?

3.1 Spanish colonization The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in November 1493. He named it San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico (Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-PortRico) and made it a Spanish possession.

What is Politics in Puerto Rico?

Politics in Puerto Rico is defined by the island’s status as an associated Commonwealth of the United States, that is, an organized unincorporated territory of the United States. Puerto Ricans have US citizenship, but do not vote for the presidential election.

Why don’t people in Puerto Rico have the right to vote in US elections?

The 3.8 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico, American citizens of a “free state associated” with the United States, do not have the right to vote in American elections. In 2012, the last referendum to date, the fourth in 45 years, called for annexation to the United States. But this consultation was not recognized by Washington.

What are the powers of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is subject to the full powers of Congress under the “Territorial Clause” of Article IV, Section 3, of the US Constitution. United States federal law is applicable to Puerto Rico even though the island is not a state in the Union and does not have a representative with voting power in the United States Congress.

Why are people from Puerto Rico US citizens?

But, according to a poll published in the New York Times, only 54% of Americans know that residents of Puerto Rico are American citizens. Citizenship does not, however, grant them the right to vote in national elections.