What is the function of a robot?

What is the function of a robot?

What is the function of a robot?

One robot is a mechatronic device (combining mechanics, electronics and computers) designed to automatically perform tasks that imitate or reproduce, in a specific area, human actions.

How to learn to build a robot?

For more information on learning to build a robot, please visit the RobotShop Learning Center. Check out the RobotShop Community Forum to ask for help building robots, showcase your projects, or just chat with fellow roboticists.

How to assemble a robot?

Assemble the robot 1. Obtain the materials. To be able to build a basic robot, you need several simple elements. 2. Flip the battery case over to expose the back. You will use the case as a base for the… 3. Line up the two servos. Align them…

What is the robot?

The design of these systems is the subject of a scientific discipline, a branch of automation called robotics. The term robot appears for the first time in author Karel Čapek’s (science fiction) play: RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots).

What are home robots?

This goal is always accomplished in small steps by individuals, research organizations and professionals. Home robots help free people from unpleasant or dangerous tasks and give them more freedom and security.