What is the function of the ?

What is the function of the ?

What is the function of the ?

The item and the pronoun la La is written without accent when it comes to the feminine article (it is placed before the noun it determines) or the feminine pronoun (it replaces a feminine noun). We’ll talk about it at the next meeting. I will write my letter and post it before tomorrow.

What is the nature of the

Definite determiner of a nominal group, of which it indicates the gender and the number: L’homme is mortal.

What is the class of the word la?

Theadverb of place, opposed to here: don’t stay here, go the ; get on the ; don’t put the chair here, push it instead the. → here. The in demonstrative use.

What are the benefits of differentiated instruction?

The differentiated pedagogy allows the teacher to offer learning that respects the evolution of children’s thinking, which is respectful of the type of intelligence of each child. This so that everyone can reach his full educational potential, in the way that works best for them.

What is School Form?

Thus the school form is a socio-historical form of transmission. It appears at a certain moment in certain societies. When using the term “school” instead of the expression school form, we must pay attention to the assimilations that have often been made and which have led to real historical misinterpretations.

What is the difference between school form and old mode?

Unlike this old mode, the school form, which is a form of transmission of knowledge and know-how, favors writing, leads to the separation of the “schoolchild” from adult life, as well as from in relation to doing.

Why is the school form a way of teaching?

Search among 268,000+ dissertations The school form can be considered as a way of teaching, it is present everywhere and concerns us all because it has already been present in our lives, but in some cases it moves away from it.

What is the difference between school form and school form?

No longer the school form but the school forms, taking advantage in a way that in the different cases there was the word school. So firstly I was working in terms of form and secondly I was working on schools.