What is the horse symbol?

What is the horse symbol?

What is the horse symbol?

He is also useful to represent power, thanks to the charges of the riders, and therefore power thanks to its strength. He is fast, solid, and symbolizes adventure, as a reminder of the conquests and journeys it has made possible.

What are the synonyms of horse?

  • [reproducteur] standard.
  • [sauvage] mustangs, tarpans.
  • [châtré] gelding.
  • [jeune] colt, filly.
  • [de course] runner, crack, runner, jumper, trotter.

What are the characteristics of a horse?

the horse is a large mammal of the Equidae family. He has a mane and a tail whose hairs are called horsehair. The color of the hairs and mane of the horse make up her robe. This can have a wide variety of colors, but the most common colors are bay, chestnut and grey.

Who is the white horse of the Apocalypse?

Horse pale (Death/Epidemic) “…I saw a horse pale in color; and that who climbed on was called Death, and Hell followed him. » The description of the fourth horseman is the shortest of the four, but it is the only who is clearly designated, it is called “Death”.

What do you call an old horse?

canasson (nm) 1. (familiar; popular) bad or very old horse.

What are the 7 seals of the Apocalypse?

The Seven seals

  • the first seal shows the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, mounted on a white horse that represents conquest;
  • the second sealthe Second Horseman, riding a red (or russet) horse that represents war;

What is horse symbolism?

The symbolism of the horse is the study of the representation of the horse in mythology, religions, popular folklore, art, literature and psychoanalysis as a symbol, in its capacity to designate, to signify an abstract concept, beyond the physical reality of the quadruped animal.

What is the place of the horse in human life?

During the Palaeolithic, the main place of the horse in human life was in art. Indeed, at that time, the horse is the animal that is most often represented in the paintings on the walls of caves.

What is the horse?

The reason seems to be linked, in addition to the link to the liquid element already mentioned above, to the fact that the horse, a pet of men, is also the most appropriate to go to fairy worlds and to play the characteristic tricks of the elf. , such as throwing a rider into a mud puddle, river, or fountain.

Why is the horse an anchor in medieval literature?

It is the same in the epic of Niourgoun the Yakut, celestial warrior, who rides a flying red horse endowed with speech. In Western medieval literature, however, the horse is portrayed as an anchor in the real world, as opposed to the Otherworld of faerie and wonder.