What is the impact of the French language?

What is the impact of the French language?

What is the impact of the French language?

Thanks to the French language75 member and observer states and governments of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) from all continents, including the level of development is at the two extremes of the scale of wealth, can maintain a regular dialogue.

How to learn student English?

Learning English online Young children, students or workers, can find a platform that meets their needs. Here are some of them: Duolingo, an attractive and fun e-learning platform, operating on the quiz principle.

Why choose to teach the French language?

Language french is the primary tool for equal opportunities, citizen freedom and civility: it enables communication both orally and in writing, in various situations; it makes it possible to understand and express one’s rights and duties; it is the vector of multiple emotions.

Why learn languages?

It helps students to limit their anxiety in the context of life in society and facilitates their future language learning experiences. Unsurprisingly, the more accustomed a person is to learning languages, the more comfortable they are with the inherent ambiguity of that learning.

Why do students learn a language?

Researchers Hanh Thi Nguyen and Guy Kellogg have demonstrated that when their students learn a language, they develop new ways of understanding a culture different from their own through the analysis of cultural stereotypes.

Do students have to learn a foreign language?

Princeton University, on the contrary, recently announced that all students, regardless of their language level when they enter university, must now learn a foreign language.

Why does language influence the way of thinking?

This topic has always fueled debate and many people have come up with their own observations. However, until very recently, it was impossible to scientifically prove the argument that a language influences the way of thinking. Scientists around the world have therefore looked into the matter in order to decide.