What is the interrogative method?

What is the interrogative method?

What is the interrogative method?

In the interrogative method, the trainer questions the learners to bring out the knowledge. Using open and progressive questions, it allows everyone to go to the end of their ideas, to make connections between scattered elements, to give meaning to build knowledge.

Who is the author of the interrogative method?

In this sense, the maieutics of Socrates (known as interrogative method “), project-based learning, contract pedagogy, differentiated pedagogy, method active pedagogy (Montessori, Freinet…), programmed teaching (Skinner, 1958), pedagogy by objectives, pedagogy by …

What is the object and the method of philosophy?

The philosophy is a science, and it doesis no real science, seeking to explain its object, who can live solely on observation. This process by itself isif not absolutely sterile, at least not very fertile.

What is the Socratic Method?

The Socratic method rejects any form of exclusion or separatism. She assumes the natural law of polarity that governs the universe: day and night, cold and heat, male and female. Thanks to her logic of inclusion, she transforms pairs of opposites into a union of opposites.

What knowledge does Socrates have?

All real knowledge for Socrates is reminiscence, a recollection of the remembering soul. It is the purification and the need to return to the light that gives the soul the ability to use pure thought again, to remember and express Being.

What are the three phases of the Socratic method?

The Socratic method The art of dialogue Dialectics, a journey of the soul The ascending path, analogy The descending path, verification in the concrete world The double movement of the soul The three phases of the dialectical method

How important is the modern Socratic method?

Using the modern Socratic method, or the dynamic format*, the quality of the questions asked and the tasks given to the paired discussion groups, remain of fundamental importance, just as in the original Socratic method.