What is the legal status of the hospital?

What is the legal status of the hospital?

A public health establishment has a status a legal person governed by public law, endowed with financial autonomy, and managed by a director, assisted by a management board, with the assistance of a supervisory board.

How to implement a sustainable architecture?

The implementation of sustainable architecture is manifested by a set of choices of techniques, management methods, the selection of materials used and the internal organization of functions and spaces, in order to control, in particular, the consumption of energy and the development of the user’s living environment.

Wood framing remains the most popular construction method for residential construction, but other techniques are becoming more widely used.

Why build a sustainable house?

It uses natural resources and ensures the comfort and health of its occupants in order to build a sustainable home. Also, it is a construction concerned with the moderate consumption of resources and closed life cycles of materials.

What are the different types of construction methods?

You have at your disposal a range of possible construction methods: first, there are well-known and widely used methods, such as the construction of wooden frame houses; then, certain techniques, such as that of light gauge steel metal frames, are gaining popularity …