What is the link between the spatial and the social?

What is the link between the spatial and the social?

the link between the ” spatial ” and the ” social » The society-space relationship is a fundamental knot in the epistemological work of geography social. This knot falls under the double bind who characterizes geography since its birth, especially in its claim to be included in the sciences social.

What are the goals of spatial analysis of continuous data?

Objectives of the spatial analysis of continuous data: To predict the value of a variable at a point where it has not been sampled, as well as the reliability of this prediction. Examples of data: Soil chemical composition )mining industry Water or air quality )pollution study Meteorological variables )weather forecast

What are the tools of spatial analysis?

Serge Lhomme Introduction to Spatial Analysis 47 for the rank-size law or the Huff model) and in computer science (as for example for segregation models or graph analysis). These domains are considered tools for performing spatial analysis.

What are the benefits of spatial analysis?

In the field of health, spatial analysis is not only used for studies in epidemiology or geography. It is also involved in public policy, with the development of new public health applications: alert systems, crisis management systems, etc.

What are the principles and techniques of spatial analysis for health geography?

This article describes the principles and different techniques of spatial analysis for epidemiology and health geography: cartography, analysis of heterogeneity and spatial continuity, search for trends, homogeneous areas, search for aggregates , search for geometric shapes, spatio-temporal analyses, etc.