What is the maximum duration of a patent?

What is the maximum duration of a patent?

What is the maximum duration of a patent?

thatiswhat a patent ? the patent is an official act of industrial property which grants a monopoly of exploitation to the applicant on his invention on the French territory for 20 years in the maximum. The fact of depositing a patent prohibits any exploitation of the latter without authorization.

How to get a patent?

The procedure for filing a patent can be summed up in 4 steps:

  1. filing of the file (request for patent and supporting documents),
  2. examination of the file and response,
  3. publication of patent if accepted,
  4. and issuance of patent.

What is the value of a patent?

The value of a patent is the commercial profit that may result from the exploitation of this title. The holder of a patent may use its title to protect its own products, or to grant licenses that will bring in revenue.

Why does the patent last 20 years?

Causes of extinction of a patent 611-2 of the Intellectual Property Code extends to 20 years the protection of inventions by the patent. Once this period has elapsed, the holder of the patent loses the exclusive rights to use the invention. Generally, a patent expires once this period of 20 years elapsed.

Is it possible to value a patent at its current value?

Well valued, a patent can therefore increase the value of your company and be a source of income. He not’is no need to wait for a patent be used for the value ! Except in the case where a simple valuation an accountant is requested.

What is the difference between a patent and a patent right?

For homonymous articles, see Patent (disambiguation). A patent is an industrial property title which grants its holder exclusive use of the patented invention, in principle, from the filing date and for a maximum period of 20 years. A patent right is not a right of exploitation, …

What is the price of a patent?

During the maximum 20 years of protection, the fee schedule for renewing the term of a patent is as follows: In the first year, the price to file a patent is €684 (€674 with an online application) , this price is made up of: The research report: €520; From the grant of the patent: 90€;

How long does a Belgian patent last?

Grant of the patent: The content of a patent remains secret between the date of filing of the application and the date of publication. Eighteen months after the filing date, the patent dossier is published in full. The Belgian patent for a period of 6 years is issued upon publication of the patent application.

How long does it take to get a patent?

Validation of the request. The period is on average 30 months between the filing and the granting of the patent by the INPI. Once the final publication of your patent in the BOPI, you receive the final copy of your patent.