What is the minimum duration of a part-time job?

What is the minimum duration of a part-time job?

What is the minimum duration of a part-time job?

24 hours Since July 1, 2014. An employee who signed his employment contract at part-time (CDI or CDD) must comply with a minimum duration working at least 24 hours a week.

What is the maximum duration of a part-time job?

As a reminder, the maximums beyond which it is no longer a question of part time are : 34 hours (weekly limit); 150 hours (monthly limit); 1,606 hours (annual limit).

What is the minimum duration of part-time work per week and per month?

The minimum duration failing agreement Failing agreement, the minimum duration of the employee’s work part time is set at 24 hours per week or, where applicable, to the monthly equivalent of this duration or the equivalent calculated over the period provided for by a collective agreement concluded pursuant to Article L.

When to apply for part-time parental leave?

When to apply for parental leave to part-time ? The request initial of parental leave to part-time must be carried out: at least 1 month before the end of the leave maternity (or adoption). in all other cases, at least 2 months before the intended start of the period of activity at part-time.

What type of part-time?

Is considered as an employee part-time the employee whose working time is less than the legal working time (35 hours per week, 151.67 hours per month or 1607 hours over the year) or the contractual duration applicable in the company if it is less than the duration legal.

What is the smallest contract?

One contract fixed term cannot, as its name suggests, last indefinitely. Conversely, there is no minimum duration of contract. Thus, only the contracts providing for a minimum duration of activity exceeding one week are concerned by the legal obligation of part-time work of at least 24 hours per week.

What is the smallest CDD?

The duration can be reduced to 9 months: If security measures involve urgent work. If a CDD is necessary in transition with an employee recruited on a permanent contract but not immediately available to join the company.