What is the most reliable chainsaw brand?

What is the most reliable chainsaw brand?

What is the most reliable chainsaw brand?

My review: The Husqvarna 562 XP is undoubtedly the best chain saw petrol from the market! You will only have to turn it on to realize what not her is efficient: itis the kind of machine that all professional loggers would like to have in their hands!

What is the best chainsaw brand?

The chain saw thermal Husqvarna 450 is simply the best chainsaw thermal semi-professional on the market. His performance are exceptional, and very good ease of use. Its equipment are as for them in line with what one can expect from the Swedish brand: high level.

How to recognize a Stihl professional chainsaw?

Machine identification STIHL The way of them to acknowledge is very simple, by the color of the rear handle. The MS192T is a semi-pro and the MS200T and MS201T of pro.

How to choose a cordless chainsaw?

How Well Choose her cordless chainsaw ?

  1. The power of chain saw.
  2. The rotational speed of the chain.
  3. The length of the chain guide.
  4. The weight of the chain saw.
  5. The type of battery.
  6. The security level of the chain saw.
  7. The brand and the guarantee.

What is the best professional chainsaw?

Huqsvarna These include Huqsvarna and its subsidiary McCulloch and Makita and its subsidiary Dolmar. Of all these brands, Huqsvarna appears to be the better Mark of professional chainsaw. The models of this brand can perform pruning, cutting, felling, etc.

What is the best brand between Stihl and Husqvarna?

Fuel Capacity The other aspect is that like chainsaws Stihl carry less gas, they want to fill up more frequently. If you want a chainsaw that will let you work longer without stopping, that means Husqvarna could be a better choice.

How to choose a chainsaw?

For frequent pruning and tree felling, a chainsaw thermal is essential. Her capacity must not be less than 45 cm3 and her cutting length should exceed 45 cm. To cut firewood, you can complete the work of the chain saw with a log saw or a chopped.

How do you know the year of a Stihl chainsaw?

For identify a chain saw it’s very simple, a label will be on the handle or the chain brake. Identification is simple: brand, model and possibly the type or year of production.

Where is the serial number on a Stihl chainsaw?

the serial number to find on the sticker under the power cutter. In addition, the machine has a serial number engraved, visible on the side of the sump located below the electronic water supply control system.

How much power for a chainsaw?

Choose a model from Powerful between 1 and 5 W (depending on the density of the wood to be cut) with a chain guide length of 30 to 40 cm (depending on the diameter of the logs).

What chainsaw for a woman?

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V. It’s an excellent chain saw compact. It’s the perfect combination of price, of cut, of weight, of quality and of quality of manufacturing. This chain saw is a great choice to them women and anyone looking for an easy to use tool.

Who makes the Husqvarna brand?

SVP Worldwide, sewing machine manufacturing group Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff and Singer; Electrolux, who sells household appliances.

Where are Stihl products made?

STIHL produced in its own factories in seven countries: Germany, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, China and the Philippines. Since 1971, STIHL is the brand best-selling chainsaw in the world. The company was founded in 1926 and is based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart.

Which chainsaw for pruning?

For I’pruning and theslaughter of frequent trees, a chain saw thermal is essential. Its capacity must not be less than 45 cm3 and its length of cut must exceed 45 cm. For chop wood of heating, you can complete the work of the chain saw with a log saw or an axe.

How do you know the year of a chainsaw?

You just need to provide yourself with the information on the manufacturer’s plate or label which is on the frame of your chain saw. Generally, the make and model make it possible to find all the parts. In specific cases, the serial number or theyear may prove useful. But beware !

What is the best electric chainsaw?

It is now present in more than 160 countries, which commands respect. With its quality products, Stihl is frequently mentioned in reviews of the best electric chainsaws. Note that this brand offers all categories of chainsaws (thermal, corded, battery and pruner).

What are the advantages of a 120i chainsaw?

Weighing only 3 kg without its battery, the 120i is a truly lightweight chainsaw. It must be said that Husqvarna has designed it so that it can easily tackle all small-scale tasks, whether pruning on thin to medium-sized branches, limbing or even cutting firewood.

What is the best chainsaw on the market?

The corded electric model is a compact, light, easy to use and very safe tool. There is little risk of injury with this category of chainsaw. This is one of the reasons why it is considered the best chainsaw on the market by comparisons and customer reviews.

What are the advantages of a thermal chainsaw?

When it comes to oil and fuel, the chainsaw has a 550 mL gas and 260 mL oil tank. Weighing 6.4 kg, the GT Garden 3.5 HP has a second handle to compensate for load distribution for better grip. This petrol chainsaw is equipped with an Easy-Start starter for easy starting.