What is the name of the World Trade Center Memorial?

What is the name of the World Trade Center Memorial?

What is the name of the World Trade Center Memorial?

the memorial of September 11 (in English 9/11 Memorial), formally the Memorial and National September 11 Museum Memorial & Museum) is a memorial and an American Museum located on the site of the former twin towers of the World Trade Centerin lower Manhattan in New York.

What is Peace Memorial Park?

The Peace Memorial Park includes many monuments, before or after the bombing of the city on . You can see the alignment between the Peace Park Cenotaph, the Flame of Peace and the Genbaku Dome. The Peace Park Cenotaph (平和公園慰霊碑, heiwa kōen ireihi?) was dedicated in March 1952.

What is the Makeshift Memorial?

War memorials are erected to honor those killed or disappeared by acts of war. After an attack, a memorial can be improvised by citizens: this is called a makeshift memorial. A particular form is the roadside memorial which marks along a path or…

What is the ACTe Memorial?

According to him, the Memorial ACTe is called upon to become “the soul of Guadeloupe”, an instrument of social reconciliation. Its appropriation by Guadeloupeans who do not have a creative space of this scale should make it possible to attract as many people as possible.

What are the advantages of the Memorial ACTe?

Starting in July, the Memorial ACTe will also host the first Caribbean image festival: some five hundred photographs will be exhibited there, eighty short films and clips screened. A large theater will also accommodate creations (dance, theater, music).