What is the object of psychology?

What is the object of psychology?

What is the object of psychology?

The psychology therefore appears to us as a mixed science, at the intersection of the biology and the social or historical sciences. She has for object the study of the relationship between the body and mind that are components of the human nature.

Where and when was psychology born?

The beginnings of the psychology The term psychology first appears at the end of the 15th century in a book by the Croatian scholar Marko Marulic. But from antiquity (ancient Egypt), we find writings devoted to mental phenomena and human behavior.

Who is the father of psychology?

Charles Darwin, Founder psychology modern.

Why the experimental method?

The general objective of the experimental method is to make it possible to establish cause and effect relationships between two parameters. It is therefore the method which really makes it possible to explain the phenomena studied in terms of a causal relationship.

What is Psychophysics?

Psychophysics. Psychophysics is a branch of experimental psychology that seeks to determine the quantitative relationships that exist between a physical stimulus and our perception of it. Psychophysics is interested in the physiological senses such as sight, hearing, touch (more rarely smell or taste)…

Who invented psychophysics?

A student of Fechner, influenced by the work of Hermann von Helmholtz and the theories of the experimental method in the natural sciences, the German physiologist Wilhelm Wundt will give psychophysics its methodological and theoretical foundations.

Who is the inventor of psychophysics?

The inventor of psychophysics, Fechner—one of the thinkers who had the greatest impact on Germany in the 19th century—is in many respects the heir to the philosophy of nature. Still a student, he enthusiastically read the works of Schelling and Oken.

What is the fundamental problem of psychophysics?

Thus, the fundamental problem of psychophysics is that of measurement, its meaning and its validity. Psychophysics represented a field of choice for mathematical psychology.