What is the object of study of economic geography?

What is the object of study of economic geography?

What is the object of study of economic geography?

The first sentence of the book gives the author’s vision of the economic geography : ” The economic geography has for object the study of the forms of production and that of the localization of the consumption of the various products throughout the world”.

Who is the father of geography?

Alexander von Humboldt () is a figure of dad founder of the geography modern.

What is Economic Geography?

Economic geography lies at the intersection of two disciplines (geography and economics), both of which have evolved according to currents of thought, leading to a number of definitions and sub-disciplines that are often questioned. A discipline is defined by the point of view from which it analyzes objects;

How does geography want to be a science?

From description to explanation, geographers increasingly seek to arrive at theories (a generalization, an abstraction), proof that geography wants to be a science with a desire for objectivity, rationality, restructuring of conceptual abilities.

Who studied geography?

The Greeks are the earliest civilization known to have studied geography, both as a science and as a philosophy. Thales of Miletus, Herodotus (author of the first chorography), Eratosthenes (author of the first known map of the world – the ecumene – and calculator of the earth’s circumference),…

What is Political Geography?

Political geography (geopolitics) should be content to explain the why and how of the formation of peoples, empires and nations according to geography, climates and topographies and not try to start from reality to fly towards an idealism of citizens of the world.