What is the origin of cartography?

What is the origin of cartography?

What is the origin of cartography?

The first cartographic representations were born in the 12th century. The Peutinger Table then serves as an itinerary between several cities and/or regions, in a linear fashion. In 1154, the Arab geographer Al Idrissi made a menu of the world, very precise for the time, the Tabula Rogeriana.

Who is the father of cartography?

2The story of cartography was built in the 19th century, based on the work of Edme-François Jomard, the Viscount of Santarém and Joachim Lelewel, who in parallel, after 1840, atlas projects of facsimiles of old maps1.

What is Cartography?

It serves to better understand space, territories and landscapes. It is also used in related sciences, demography, economics in order to offer a spatialized reading of phenomena. The work of the cartographer is a work of information selection, composed of several stages.

Who created the cartography of France?

A cartography of France in 180 sheets is lifted from 17 under the direction of Cassini de Thury and his son the Comte de Cassini.

What are the types of mapping?

Figure 1 represents two types of mapping: one, cumulative (distribution areas of several deciduous forest genera), resulting from the supe […] Read more In the chapter “The importance of technological development since 1960”: […]

How to do field mapping?

Thanks to the field computers, the GPS and the laser rangefinder, it is possible to carry out the mapping directly in the field. The construction of the map in real time and its visualization in the field increase the productivity and the quality of the result.