What is the population of Lagos in Nigeria?

What is the population of Lagos in Nigeria?

What is the population of Lagos in Nigeria?

There are few buildings over six stories and few cars. In just two generations, the people of Lagos multiplied by 100, from less than 200,000 people to almost 20 million. Today one of the 10 largest cities in the world, it covers nearly 1,000 km2.

Why is the population of Lagos increasing?

Every year the city accommodates 2,000 new residents. This is partly a rural exodus, but it also attracts migrants from West and Central Africa. The density of certain neighborhoods is more than 150,000 inhabitants/Km2. The city is therefore more and more vertical.

Where is Lagos located?

AfricaLagos / Continent

How many inhabitants are there in Lagos?

The Lagos State government mentions a population of inhabitants for the state and states that the city has 85% of the population of the state, which gives approximately inhabitants for the metropolis at the same date. Lagos is in most estimates,…

Why is Lagos the capital of Nigeria?

This has the effect of eliminating the slave trade and allowing British control over the trade, including palm oil. The rest of modern Nigeria was taken by the British in 1887, and when the Nigeria Protectorate was established in 1914, Lagos became its capital.

What is the number of households in Lagos?

The number of households in Lagos is 197, the average household size is 2.4 persons per household (2016 data), 40.0% of households have no children, 30.0% of households have a child under 25 years, 23.3% have two children under 25 and finally 6.7% of households have three or more children under 25.

What is the origin of the name of the city of Lagos?

The other explanation of the origin of the name of the city is that it was given in reference to Lagos, the maritime city which was at the time the main port of departure for Portuguese expeditions along the coasts of Africa and whose own name is derived from the Latin word Lacobriga.