What is the problem with truth?

What is the problem with truth?

What is the problem with truth?

For him, therefore, the truth problem essentially refers to the problem who consists in finding and founding a criterion of truththe meaning of the term truth ‘, meanwhile, being quite clear and naturally given to the mind.

What is truth for Nietzsche?

Nietzsche radicalizes the Kantian notion of synthesis, which becomes the diktat of a legislative will. The truth then merges with the value. Is true which favors the interests of each type of will to power.

What is the truth?

Truth is the character of what conforms to reality, it is what is true. It is a concept that is debated, and it is difficult to give only one definition of truth.

What is the duty of truth?

Beyond our conceptualization of the truth, of what we hold to be true, it is then a question of understanding whether it is our duty to always say it. Duty is to act morally, orienting oneself towards the good. In philosophy, this notion has mainly been explored by Kant, who defines duty as a categorical imperative.

How to find true forms of renunciation of the truth?

Therefore, if we want to find real forms of renunciation of the truth, it is necessary to go towards those who, while having it, choose to move away from it, knowingly, no longer deceiving others, but themselves.

How to renounce the truth?

To seek the truth is above all to admit that we do not possess it. Thus, any real process of reflection must begin with the recognition that we have not yet reached its conclusion. It is this specific way of renouncing the truth that we will now consider.