What is the process used for the concentration of a fruit juice?

What is the process used for the concentration of a fruit juice?

What is the process used for the concentration of a fruit juice?

This step consists to heat the fruit press. the juice obtained is, then, concentrated in order to optimize its storage and reduce its cost of transport. In fact, the step of concentration consists to heat, often under vacuum, the juice from pressing. A quantity of water evaporates.

What preservative for juices?

Furthermore, some conservatives chemicals can be used to keep juice (potassium sorbate, citric acid or sodium benzoate).

What is juice concentrate?

them juice made of concentrate the juicewhich was concentrate by evaporation in order to facilitate storage and transport, is finally reconstituted with the same volume of water extracted during the concentration process. This is a juice 100% fruit with no added sugar.

How to make juice?

To get the juice, the fruits are pressed or crushed depending on the type of fruit. After extraction, some juice very pulpy and may contain pieces of seeds and other residues then require a physical separation step by sieving and centrifugation.

What are the stages in the production of bottled fruit juice?

In conclusion, the manufacturing of the bottled fruit juice is done in several steps : washing of fruitscrushing and extraction of juice, pasteurization, before a possible concentration, and finally packaging. Pasteurization allows products to be kept longer.

How to market a fruit juice?

You can source from fruits among farmers and in markets. As far as equipment is concerned, there are local manufacturers in some countries, but you can also source supplies internationally in Europe and Asia.

How to store fresh fruit juice?

One fresh juice homemade can be keep a few days in the refrigerator at less than 4°C. Adding a juice acid like juice lemon or juice orange helps slow down oxidation. There are small bottles like the Versapers bottles ideal for storing your juice in the refrigerator.

What is the difference between fruit juice and nectar?

the juice comes directly from fruits in a hurry, while the nectar is made from the dehydration of the puree or pulp of fruits to which water and sugar are added. The nectars of fruits have a reputation for being of lower quality than Juice.

How to make apple concentrate?

the apple concentrate is produced by removing water from the juice of apple freshly pressed by vacuum evaporation. This makes it possible to concentrate the natural sugars contained in the juice and facilitates its storage and transport.

How do you make apple juice?

Preparation: wash and cut the apples quartered with the skin on. To put appleswater and juice of lemon in the blender. Blend the mixture gradually increasing the speed for about 5 minutes. Pass the juice obtained through the sieve.

How to make fruit juice?

The key stages of the process

  1. Extraction of juice. The fruits ripe and healthy are first sorted and washed carefully. …
  2. Sieving and centrifugation. This step is particularly relevant to Juice very pulpy. …
  3. Pasteurization. …
  4. Concentration. …
  5. Bottled packaging.

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