What is the purpose of the Socratic dialogues?

What is the purpose of the Socratic dialogues?

What is the purpose of the Socratic dialogues?

the socratic dialogue in fact supposes the self-criticism that takes place in the exchange of words with the other. self-criticism that is first critical of his own prejudices and therefore of his own cultural and religious references.

What are the steps of the Socratic method?

Through the practice of dialectics, Socrates invites us to participate in a true alchemical process. Like the alchemical work, the dialectic knows three phases: exhortation, refutation and maieutics or birth to oneself.

Who is the founder of the dialogue?

Literary historians assume that Plato introduced the notion of dialogue in his texts, a writing technique that he retained from his first career as a playwright. He was also inspired for this by the Sicilian poets Sophron and Epicharme, who practiced it half a century ago.

What, according to Socrates, are the necessary conditions for a philosophical discussion?

It is indeed in the Socratic dialogue of a discussionwhose agreement and conflict are them terms. This discussion is thus in line with the idea of ​​dialectics with which it is linked.

How to implement the Socratic dialogue?

There are three components to the implementation of the Socratic dialogue: 1 It must be part of group work, in collaboration; 2 It must allow discussion based on questions leading to several possible interpretations for the learners… 3 It is necessary to reflect on this discussion. More…

What are the benefits of the Socratic Dialogue?

The Socratic dialogue, through its inductive logic, especially promotes the development of metacognitive knowledge. It is a strategy based on questioning and whose goal is to bring an interlocutor to become aware of what he knows implicitly, to express it and to judge it (Foulq.-St-Jean 1962 , quoted by CNRTL, 2012).

What is the difference between the Socratic dialogue and psychoanalysis?

The Socratic dialogue comes from the method of deepening and questioning developed by the Greek philosopher Socrates. It is taken up as a basic method for cognitive and behavioral therapies. Psychoanalysis also uses it. This method also refers indirectly to the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. For who?

What is the Socratic Dialogue?

The Socratic dialogue is a model of instructional design, according to the cognitive approach. This strategy targets various types of knowledge and specifically promotes active learning.