What is the purpose of the work?

What is the purpose of the work?

What is the purpose of the work?

The answer is in a few words. We work to earn a living, to exist socially (to be known and recognized), to see people and finally to do things that interest us: care, teach, build or repair, cook, write, etc.

Why is work not a value?

Conclusion. the work is not a valuethe work is not a duty, the work souldn’t not be a privilege. The problem of work today is not the loss of one value, but the loss of meaning. He betrays today the implicit expectations which rest on him.

What is the theory of value?

For classical and Marxist economists, the value of a good can be objectively determined by labor. This theory of value is disputed by supporters of the neo-classical school, who prefer a subjective conception of value.

What is work value?

The notion of work value, in the moral sense retained here, is used by both the left and the right to measure the contribution of each individual to society and thus determine his merit and fair remuneration.

What are the benefits of the job?

Work has a great value, it is not a question of denying it. It develops moral virtues, allows the individual to feel socially useful and gives him reasons to live. It is the principle of civilization and its progress.

Is work a central value?

Work is not presented as a central value, it is at the service of society. It is necessary, according to Mencius, to work the necessary, but not to exploit until the wear and tear of the resources.