What is the right airflow for a range hood?

What is the right airflow for a range hood?

What is the right airflow for a range hood?

Your hood kitchen must therefore have a debit between 450 m3/h and 600 m3/h to be efficient.

What type of hood to choose?

For more harmony in the foodit’s better to Choose the size of the hood depending on that of the hob: 60 cm for the hob = 60 cm for the hood. In the same concern for harmonization, the hood can have the same color as the cooking plates (stainless steel, black, etc.).

What height for a hood socket?

1.80 m if the making current is intended for a hood extractor, it must be placed at a minimum of 1.80 m from the ground. any socket appliance should only be placed directly above of the sink, or fires or hobs of cooking.

What are the best cooker hood brands?

The best cooker hood brands General public

  • The brand Airlux mainly manufactures hoods with caps, filter groups and some hoods wall decorations.
  • The brand Bosch: it markets products in the middle and high range, in particular hoods walls with energy class A.

How do you know if a cooker hood is working properly?

Whether the hood has a folding visor, open it to the maximum: a hood works better if the suction surface is at least as large as the surface of the cooker. Avoid drafts, as they interfere with the establishment of a regular air circuit.

What Decibel for a silent hood?

Be aware that the noise of hoods on the market may vary of 50 dB (silent hoodminimum speed) to more of 75 dB (very noisy, maximum suction, equivalent to the noise ‘a vacuum). The sound level can be greatly reduced if the motor is offset. The threshold of 60 dB at the maximum level is judged as comfortable.

How to choose an extractor hood?

Indeed, when choosing your extractor hood, you must opt ​​for a model whose width is either equal to or greater than that of the hob. In this way, it will cover the entire surface for better suction efficiency.

How tall is a hood?

a height of 45 cm will be sufficient for an inclined or flat model; 43 cm for a telescopic hood. For a gas hob, here are the different installation heights depending on the type of hood: a height of 60 cm will be sufficient for an inclined or flat model;

How does the suction of a cooker hood work?

On some models, the suction system does not act in the center of the hood but on the sides. This technology, called perimeter or peripheral suction, creates a kind of air curtain around the hob. The other side of the coin: grease tends to settle on the central cover rather than on the filter.

How to install a wall hood?

The wall hood, as its name suggests, it is simply installed on the wall, above the hob. This model has the advantage of coming in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet all aesthetic wishes and needs.