What is the role of the muezzin?

What is the role of the muezzin?

What is the role of the muezzin?

MUEZZIN, noun. masc. Muslim civil servant attached to a mosque, whose principal function the call of the faithful to prayer, five times a day, from the top of the minaret.

Why turn churches into mosques?

On the other hand, despite a growing number of mosques being built in France, people of the Muslim faith are often faced with a lack of appropriate places of worship. Regularly, the possibility of transforming churches into mosques is mentioned.

What is the role of the mosque?

It is at the center of Muslim life, serving as a place of reception, prayer, meeting and work for public writers. b. A place of education and reflection The mosque also serves as a place of education.

Is the mosque a place of worship?

The mosque, a place of worship. The mosque is the place of worship for Muslims. The call of the muezzin invites the faithful to come and pray there five times a day.

What are the ancient mosques of Europe?

The Fatih Camii mosque in Amsterdam was still called Saint Ignatius Church in 1997. A synagogue in The Hague has been transformed into an Al Aqsa mosque. St. Jacob’s Church, one of the oldest in Utrecht, has been transformed into a luxury residence. In Maastricht, a library has replaced the old Dominican church.