What is the role of the nursery?

What is the role of the nursery?

What is the role of the nursery?

The main advantage of nurseries east of course the quality of the plants they offer. By cultivating them with so much attention, for months or even years, nurseries will develop plants of great resistance, aesthetics and generous in fruit, foliage, flowers and vegetables.

How to calculate housing density?

The density residential (or housing density) is expressed by the ratio between the number of housing and the surface area off public roads reduced to the hectare. It makes it possible to give a measure of the occupation of the land by the accommodation.

How to calculate the width of a nursery?

The selected width between the rows is 2.50m. The distance from stock to stock is 1m. Number of seedlings needed = 250/(2.5 x 1) By performing the calculation we get the result: 100 seedlings and we will order 100 from the nursery.

How to calculate the area of ​​​​a nursery?

To estimate the total area of ​​the nursery, multiply the seedbed area by 2.5 to account for driveways and service areas and add 100 m² (for walkways), based on a production of 2,000 plants per square meter of seedbed. Therefore, in general:

What are the different types of nurseries?

There are two types of nurseries: Temporary nurseries which are established on the plantation site itself or in its vicinity. When the plants for planting have reached the desired size, the nursery is integrated into the planted site.

How to calculate the number of plants?

The number of plants will therefore be equal to n + 1. present the plant by exposing the most beautiful face on the most visual side. in a shrub bed, prioritize the plants according to their size (gradient planting 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd plan).