What is the salary of a public finance officer?

What is the salary of a public finance officer?

What is the salary of a public finance officer?

And the salary of the’agent(e) public finances ? Upon leaving his training, theagent perceives a salary of €1,728 net monthly, excluding allowances. By moving to the next category to become a controller, he will receive €1,971 net.

What is the salary of a tax official?

How much earns an inspector of taxes ? An inspector of taxes earns between €1,828 gross and €3,154 gross per month in France, i.e. a salary median of €2,491 gross per month.

What is a public finance officer?

General definition: Theagent administrative public finance is a civil servant attached to the Ministry of the Economy and finance. The post is accessible by competition, internal or external. His missions are diverse and his place of employment can immerse him in very different tasks.

How to become a public finance officer?

For become an Agent administrative public finances, it is necessary to pass the category C competition, which can be presented by holding a certificate or an equivalent diploma. Once admitted, the candidate follows a training 6 weeks in a specialized center.

Why work in public finance?

Why choose this path? I wanted to stay in the numbers/finance mindset, but have the security ofuse. Don’t be afraid of being fired. Once you have the competition, you enter the public service and you cannot be fired overnight.

What job in public finance?

What trades can I practice in the discipline of public finance ?

  • charged. and accounting public ;
  • charged. e state pensions;
  • charged. …
  • charged. …
  • charged. …
  • expert. …
  • account and customer relationship manager;
  • tax manager for individuals and professionals;

What degree do you need to work in taxes?

Be the holder of a graduated from level V (CAP, BEP) or college diploma.

What is the salary of a customs inspector?

salary monthly basis of a controller of customs and indirect rights: €2,400 (commercial branch), €2,491 (surveillance branch) salary gross monthly basis of one customs inspector and indirect rights: €3,016

What degree to work in taxes?

The ENFiP organizes the competition external and internal access to positions of categories A, B, C of the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP). It trains all agents of the DGFiP during of initial vocational training but also during actions of continuing education.

Why love public finances?

The organization of public finances is essential to meet new needs. It is an index of the quality of the link between the political and the social. While being a power factor of the state, the public finances are a source of enrichment.

Why go from private to public?

Join function public allows you to align your values ​​with your job. By serving the general interest, the agent audience has a real impact on the society. Through its missions, it contributes to the common good, to living together and ensures respect for the rights of citizens.

What training to work in taxes?

Be the holder of a graduated from level V (CAP, BEP) or college diploma.

What degree to work in the Ministry of Finance?

For become controller of finance public, you must at least hold a baccalaureate. Indeed, as it is a competition of category B, this diploma enough to pass the competitive exams.

What is the salary of a treasury clerk?

1244 euros gross/month for customs and Treasure1606 euros gross/month for taxes.