What is the self in philosophy?

What is the self in philosophy?

What is the self in philosophy?

In the philosophy classic, or in general in reflection philosophicalthe me represents the individual consciousness of the empirical in the subject: consciousness of the changes and fluctuations of an invariant something.

Is the self consciousness?

the me human being must therefore be understood, beyond any idealist or materialist reductionism, as a totality that is both physiological and psychological, implying a awareness underpinned by unconscious processes. He doesis therefore, in no case, reducible to the sole awareness self.

What is Pascal’s ego?

Within the framework of natural philosophy, the me is an indubitable reality, of which we have the immediate feeling, but this reality is incomprehensible. Each man is a person, but this person is indefinable.

Is the mind an idea?

18 “The idea of ​​the spirit is united to the spirit in the same way that the spirit itself is united to the body” (II, 21). The mind is therefore the object of the idea of ​​the mind, just as the body is the object of the mind. Does the idea of ​​the spirit then belong to the essence of man? Is man not only the idea of ​​a body, but the idea of ​​this idea?

How to define the spirit of a man?

By affirming that it is by knowing his spirit that one knows a man, one affirms at the same time that the other part of himself (the body, the “matter”) is likely not to be taken into account. . It is then to accredit the idea that our body is only an envelope, a simple accessory. A man is what his mind is.

How to develop the mind?

To develop the spirit or the consciousness of the spirit, one must walk the path of discipleship. This is the whole challenge and the goal of all your incarnations, to become aware of your consciousness, of your spirit. This is what is granted to you on the day of your initiation, awakening to the plane where your true consciousness lives.

What is the difference between mind and body?

On the other hand, the mind and the body are two separate things, the explanation of which comes from really distinct attributes: it is not the object of the mind but other ideas which illuminate and constitute this idea that is the human spirit, just as it is not the spirit but other bodies that define the individuality of the human body.