What is the size of France in length?

What is the size of France in length?

What is the size of France in length?

Longest stream. Covering an area of ​​551,500 km² (675,417 km² including overseas territories), the France extends 1,000 km from the north. South. and D’is in the west.

What is the area of ​​France with the Dom-toms?

120,396 km²Overseas France / Area

What will the population of France be in 2025?

Unable to predict which will be the economic situation of the France in 2025. At this horizon, only demographic forecasts hold water. In twelve years, according to INSEE, the France metropolitan area will have 67.3 millionresidents. That is almost 9% more than today.

What is the largest French region in area?

The 10 largest French regions by surface area. The largest in terms of area is Guyana with 8 million hectares of Guyanese forest. Here is the list of the top ten French regions.

What is the length of France?

Thus, the total length of its coastline reaches 3,427 km. With the exception of its northeastern border, the country is delimited mainly by seas, the ocean and natural borders: the Rhine, the Jura, the Alps, and the Pyrenees.

What is the area of ​​France?

Area of ​​France. This value was then updated annually by the Geographical Service of the Armed Forces, which became the National Geographic Institute in 1940, and published by the Bureau des Longitudes to reach the value of 551,695.42 km, the official value preserved to this day. .

What is the number of regions in France?

Number of regions in France France has a total of 18 regions: 13 metropolitan regions 5 overseas regions