What is the source of the Bible?

What is the source of the Bible?

What is the source of the Bible?

Originally, the Bible christian is written in Greek, the Septuagint and the New Testament being both written in this language. Early Christians in the Latin world, however, used Latin translations of these books. These translations are called Vetus Latina.

What is the science of God?

The Science Christian uses the word science in the sense of “knowledge” of the universal divine laws which would be applicable and demonstrable today as in the time of Jesus, based on the Bible which affirms that “the law of the Eternal restores the soul” and that “the law of the spirit of life in Jesus Christ…

What is the first holy book?

The genesis is the first book of the Bible, all canons combined. In the Hebrew Bible, itis the first book of the Torah (“the Law”).

Who made the Bible?

The authors of the Bible are about 40; among them we find apostles, who reported the words of Jesus: Paul, Matthew or John but also kings: David, Solomon; prophets: Elijah, Moses…

Who printed the Bible?

Johannes Gutenberg This is the case of the very first work printed in the West with movable type. This is the famous Bible to 42 lines that Johannes Gutenberg (v. ) has printed around 1455 in his workshops in Mainz.

Is the Bible inspired by God?

It is literally “inspired of God.” (2 Timothy 3:16) In other words, it is the Word of God to us. Philosophers have always asked themselves a considerable number of questions which God has answered in the Scriptures.

How to understand the biblical message?

Most of what we need to know to understand the biblical message is found in the Bible. The Bible forms a whole, where each part does not have the same importance. Its different pages are arranged according to their place in God’s plan, in his plan of salvation.

Why did the Catholic Church change the Bible?

Neither the Catholic Church nor Constantine changed the Bible. This is not a religious statement, it is based solely on scientific data. The figure below illustrates the chronology of manuscripts from which the New Testament of the Bible is based.

Why do Christians remain minors?

They remain minor Christians, more attached to a given interpretation than to the Bible itself. A comparable danger manifests itself today: the scientific study of the Bible (historical, literary, linguistic) has made it possible to clarify the meaning of many passages, to make more certain translations.