What is the subjunctive in Spanish?

What is the subjunctive in Spanish?

What is the subjunctive in Spanish?

– The use of subjunctive in spanish is generated by an idea of ​​doubt, uncertainty, will, wish, desire (also hope), feeling, fear,.. sin que (without that), antes de que (before) ,ojalá (provided that)……

How to construct a sentence in the subjunctive in Spanish?

We use the subjunctive after the verbs expressing the will, the wish, the request and the advice: => Querer que / desear que + subjunctive: Quiero que vengas. ( I want you to come). => Pedir que + subj: Te pido que comas.

How to recognize the subjunctive in Spanish?

Pedir: pido (present simple indicative) => Pida (subjunctive) Salir: salgo (present simple indicative) => salga (subjunctive)…The use of subjunctive present in Spanish.

PersonEndings of subjunctive hereExample with ESCUCHAR

How to conjugate the verb in Spanish in the subjunctive?

I Training:

  1. The endings of subjunctive present are reversed with respect to those of the indicative. …
  2. -er = -a (example: comer)
  3. -ir = -a (example: come)
  4. Quizás Maria coma con nosotros el miércoles. ( …
  5. Trabajo en clase para que mis padres estén contentos. ( …
  6. Es preciso que todos los chicos vayan al colegio. (

How is the present subjunctive formed?

The building of the subjunctive generally done thanks to the subordinating conjunctions “que” or “qu’” which are placed before the personal pronoun which precedes the conjugated verb. For example: that we do, that you say, that he knows, that they sing.

How is the imperfect subjunctive formed in Spanish?

For form the imperfect subjunctivewe take the third person plural of the past simple (pretérito indefinido-indicativo-), we remove -RON and we add -RA,-RAS,-RA,-RAMOS,-RAIS,-RAN or –SE,-HIS,-SE,-SEMOS,-SEIS,-SEN. This is valid for regular verbs and irregular verbs.

How to conjugate a verb in the imperfect subjunctive?

The imperfect from subjunctive is formed from the third person singular past simple. We then add the endings which are always the same to the three groups: -sse, -sses, -^t (be careful not to forget the circumflex accent), -ssions, -ssiez, -ssent.

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