What is the T-rex’s predator?

What is the T-rex's predator?

What is the T-rex’s predator?

The main predator of his time This therefore suggests that Ulughbegsaurus uzbekistanensis was the main predator in its early Late Cretaceous ecosystem but coexisted with tyrannosaurs, who then grew.

What is the running speed of a T-Rex?

But, examining the question in more depth, researchers from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom) now claim that, given its morphology, the T-Rex would in fact have been quite incapable of exceeding a speed 20 km/h run.

Can the T-Rex run over 20 km/h?

The T-Rex couldn’t run faster than 20 km/h! The chase between a T-Rex and the 4×4 carrying Jeff Goldblum is one of the cult scenes from the film Jurassic Park. However, British researchers now claim that it is totally unrealistic.

How much does a T-Rex weigh?

The difference is really very small, but that changes everything! Unless your name is Usain Bolt and you’re going 37 mph, you’re going to serve lunch at the T-Rex. For a long time, paleontologists thought that the T-Rex weighed around 6000 kg, however, a recent study has shown that the…

How fast is a Tyrannosaurus rex?

According to the biomechanical models classically applied to Tyrannosaurus rex, this one would have been able to run up to more than 70 km/h.