What is the thickness of the earthen slab?

What is the thickness of the earthen slab?

What is the thickness of the earthen slab?

12 cm The paving on Earthfull also incorporates the layers necessary for thermal insulation or protection against humidity. His thickness is 12 cm.

How deep should a house foundation be?

In the case of stable ground, foundations superficial may suffice to your home. The depth of the foundations is then of 50cm to 3m. There are several forms of foundations surface: strip or continuous footing: the foundations reinforced concrete follow the length of the load-bearing walls.

What size for house foundation?

the excavations are most often twice as wide as the future wall: mandatory from the moment the wall is more than 1 m high; thus if the wall will be 20 cm thick, the excavations dug must have a width of 40 cm; in terms of depth: count between 50 and 80 cm, depending on the height of the wall.

When to put the frost protection mode?

the freeze can damage your heating installation In winter, the freeze can damage your heating system. Therefore, if your home is to be unoccupied for several days, it is advisable to place your boiler in frost protection mode.

What is the ideal frost-free temperature?

On the other hand, if you are going on vacation for one or two weeks, it is better to choose a temperature lower to reduce your electricity bill. ADEME recommends of set your heating to mode frost protectionwhich is approximately equivalent to a temperature of 8°C(1).