What is the waste produced by water treatment called?

What is the waste produced by water treatment called?

What is the waste produced by water treatment called?

Sewage sludge (urban or industrial) is the main product waste by a treatment plant from liquid effluents. These residual sediments are mainly made up of organic matter (dead bacteria) of animal, vegetable and mineral organic matter that is wet.

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How to get rid of a slime?

The most frequent methods are: It results in the coagulation of solids and the release of absorbed water, it is used before the drying process. The chemicals used are: The first 3 allow disinfection and stabilization of the mud.

What is slime?

Simple definition: Mud is a mixture of water and suspended matter in the ground made up of sediment, dust and clay. Sludge deposits harden over time. Large formations of sedimented material are called sloughs.

What are the sludge treatment processes?

The sludge treatment processes that represent this stage allow a reduction in the volume of sludge to be treated, removing water and thus increasing the concentration of solids. The main objective is to increase the efficiency and economic optimization of subsequent processes. The main thickening processes are:

What is the composition of sludge?

This sludge is made up of non-degraded organic matter, mineral matter, micro-organisms (especially degrading bacteria from “purifying biomass”) and water (99%).