What is Vietnam called today?

What is Vietnam called today?

What is Vietnam called today?

In 1975, the North Vietnam carries out the final offensive against the South Vietnam and de facto annexes its neighbour. The country was officially reunified the following year under its current name of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Why did the French go to war in Indochina?

The war ofIndochina took place from 19. The colonial regime imposed by the France to several Asian countries is at the origin of this conflict, which has do more than 500,000 victims and notably led to the split of Vietnam.

Why did the French lose the Indochina War?

When, in 1946, the indochina war, the power imbalance is obvious. The French expeditionary force is important, equipped with modern equipment, facing nationalists without great means. However, the war revolutionary led by General Giap led the France to defeat.

What do the French call the Long Biên bridge?

“The Long Bien Bridge is built according to an original architecture. The French have studied the name Thang Long well so thathe looks like a dragon.

Who invaded Vietnam?

Colonized by France at the end of the 19th century, it regained its independence in 1954 at the end of the Indochina war while dividing into two rival states: the North-Vietnam pro-Soviet (20 million inhabitants, capital: Hanoi) and the SouthVietnam pro-Western (15 million inhabitants, capital: Saigon).

What to do before traveling to Vietnam?

For French tourists, before traveling to Vietnam, it is necessary to consult the updated information of the French Embassy in Vietnam and / or the Crisis Center of the French MEAE. The Vietnamese Embassy will be closed to the public on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10-12 February.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam?

With its incredible rice terraces, its rich historical cities and its impressive karstic massifs, Vietnam fills the heads of travelers with images of this eternal Asia so often dreamed of. Stretching over more than 1600 kilometers from north to south, it has a diversity of landscapes and panoramas that are quite exceptional.

Why travel to Vietnam?

The 100 million Vietnamese who populate the country still practice ancestor worship and are known for their legendary discretion and politeness. A trip to Vietnam is always an intense experience, where our Western landmarks are constantly put to the test.

What is Vietnam Civil Aviation?

Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration. The frequency of flights depends on the regulations of the aeronautical authorities of the countries concerned and on market demand. So far, all the countries that Vietnam has offered to restore air routes have accepted, except China.