What kind of stalactite?

What kind of stalactite?

What kind of stalactite?

Feminine for both words : a stalactitea stalagmite. Do not confuse the stalactite, who hangs, and the stalagmite, who is upright (mnemonic device: “the stalagmite go up and the stalactite fall “).

How do stalactites in caves form?

The stalactites of caves are formed by concretion, corresponding to the dissolution then the crystallization in the air of the carbonate of calcium and other mineral salts. Limestone is the main rock containing calcium carbonate.

How are stalactites colored?

They can be colored by transition metal ions dissolved in the water in contact with rock minerals (iron and manganese oxides, more rarely copper minerals, etc.). Organic matter present in surface soils can also contribute to the coloring of stalactites.

What is stalactite?

A stalactite (from the Greek stalaktos – “dripping”) is a type of formation suspended from the ceiling of caves, underground passages, hot springs, or human constructions such as houses, bridges, mines, etc. Any material can form stalactites as long as it can be soluble,…

What is the difference between stalactite and stalagmite?

The term comes from the Greek stalaktos which means “flowing drop by drop”. In order not to confuse stalactites and stalagmites, it suffices to remember that stalacTites fall and stalagMites rise.