What level to do an MBA?

What level to do an MBA?

What level to do an MBA?

the MBA is accessible after a bac+4 or bac+5 from various origins depending on the MBA you wish to integrate (literary, scientific, economists, engineers, etc.). However, holders of a bac+2/+3 who have a good professional experience can apply.

What level of study for an MBA?

the MBA primarily concerns professionals, such as executives wishing to accelerate their careers by developing their managerial skills. the MBA is accessible from Bac+3 and up to Bac+5. This degree is often confused with the French master’s degree in business administration.

What salary for an MBA?

the MBA is well-known to allow its graduates to receive an attractive salary from the first job. Thus, in France, the salary average ‘A degree MBA beginner, that is to say with less than 12 months experience, fluctuates on average between €32,000 and €38,000 gross per year excluding bonuses.

How long does it take to get an MBA?

The MBA is obtained in a year or two. A long training that is often accompanied by sacrifices. This is why, once the training is completed, candidates must do everything to benefit from their MBA. It is not once you have graduated that you organize yourself but before starting the training.

What age to do an MBA?

Classes are in English and the average age is 38 to 40 years old. The training is aimed at so-called “high potential” executives. You must already have significant professional experience of 5 to 10 years. Doing an MBA remotely is possible!

What are the costs of an MBA?

Training costs. The MBA represents a real financial investment, as tuition fees are always high. Indeed, the diploma is a career accelerator, but it is very expensive. For example, it takes 55,000 euros a year to do an MBA at HEC.

What is the duration of an MBA?

10. The full-time MBA (full-time). A period of 24 months with an internship, in partner companies for example. The training is demanding with a steady pace. It is done over 2 years. It is aimed at young executives with 3 or 5 years of experience who want to take a break from their career.