What passive house?

What passive house?

What passive house?

The passive house is a home whose energy consumption is extremely low or even zero. It is said to be a building of bioclimatic design, since it is designed according to the place where it is located, ie according to the terrain and the climate.

What heating for a passive house?

Due to the quality of its insulation, the heating needs of the passive house are less than 15kWh/m². per year or 10W/m². Note: an auxiliary heater (depending on the climate) may be necessary to supplement the heat supply.

Which heat pump to choose for a passive house?

You can thus opt for: the heat pump or heat pump, which is the most popular device in the construction of passive houses, because its advantage is to have several functions. Indeed, the heat pump is used for heating and air conditioning, since it is reversible, but also for the production of domestic hot water.

What are the disadvantages of a passive house?

The main disadvantage of the passive house is its cost in terms of investment, which is 15 to 25% higher than that of a traditional house.

What is Passive House?

We can often read that a passive house is a house without heating. Be aware that this is not the case, even if indeed, the passive house makes it possible to ensure the conservation of the heat emitted by the activities of everyday life, whether it is the heat of the occupants or household appliances, thanks to its high-performance insulation.