What percentage of the population has a doctorate?

What percentage of the population has a doctorate?

What percentage of the population has a doctorate?

1.1% Holders of a doctorate represent on average 1.1% of adults aged 25 to 64 in OECD countries, but this percentage ranges from 0.1% or less in Indonesia and Mexico to over 3% in Slovenia and Switzerland.

What percentage of the population has a master’s degree?

27% of young people leaving have followed theoretical and long studies: 10% have a license or a master’s degree, 15% a diploma attesting to the successful completion of a cycle Master (five years) and 1% a research doctorate.

What is the duration of the doctorate?

the doctorateof a duration of three years after obtaining the national master’s degree or on the basis of the recognition of an equivalent level, makes it possible to obtain, after defense of a thesis, the degree of doctor. the doctorate is the highest degree of higher education.

How is a doctorate prepared?

The doctorate is prepared in 3 intensive years and consists of research work based on the writing of a thesis, seminars and conferences. Update on doctoral registration, organization of studies and possible funding.

What are the job opportunities after a doctorate?

Opportunities after a doctorate vary greatly by gender and discipline. Women are 6% less likely to find a job three years after their doctorates. Three years after their theses, doctors have almost the same employment conditions as master’s graduates.

How to enroll in PhD?

© Digital – The doctorate: three intensive years devoted to research, including the writing of a thesis. To register for a doctorate, you must hold a national master’s degree or equivalent. It is possible to write a thesis in all fields: scientific, literary, human sciences… On the program.

What is the salary for a PhD?

Their salaries reach 2,500 euros net from the third year. Conversely, graduates in art, philosophy or history will have the greatest difficulty finding their dream job and experience fairly long periods of unemployment on average. Finally, women are often penalized in their job searches after a doctorate.