What score to aim for Tage Mage?

What score to aim for Tage Mage?

What score to aim for Tage Mage?

The national average of TAGE MAGE score runs around 300/600. the score average for an untrained student is about 250/600.

Which TAGE 2 score for which school?

L’school requires a score minimum of 80/210 at Floor 2. For stand out from the other candidates in this competition, we advise you to aim for at least 115/210.

How to get 400 in Tagus Mage?

In fact, to get 400 at the Tagus Magus is not insurmountable. Of the 15 questions in each subtest, you must to find the correct answer to 10 questions (without making mistakes on the rest) and then you will obtain a score very close to 400 at the Tagus Magus.

What TAGE 2 score for neoma?

What score to aim for in the Tage Mage for which school?

SchoolsScore advisedScore average eligible
Grenoble EM370320

Where to take the TAGE 2?

You can pass the test STAGE 2 in the city of your choice whatever training you are applying for. Attention: Your choice of session STAGE 2 must take into account the application deadline of the institution to which you are applying.

What average to return to kedge?

Selectivity at orals KEDGE BS 2019: 98.78% => Medium over 4 years of selectivity at KEDGE SG: 81.42%