What size chute should I choose?

What size chute should I choose?

What size chute should I choose?

Cut of the chutes For example, if you want to power a mono-split air conditioner and pass through the gutter the refrigeration connections, the electrical cable and the evacuation of the condensates, you will need at least one gutter 65mm × 50mm.

How to choose a chute?

Among the elements to take into account when choosing your gutter electrical:

  1. its dimensions and capacity (number of wires that can be integrated into the gutter);
  2. waterproofing (required for wet rooms);
  3. the self-extinguishing statement (i.e. the gutter has low flammability);

How to size the cables?

For dimension a cable electrical; you need to know the power in kW (or the intensity in amperes), as well as the length of your cable. Simply reading the table below shows you the section of the cable electric.

Which trunking cable?

You can place inside of the gutter Every type of cables : electrical conductors, TV aerial, cable ethernet or optical fiber for example. Some models are even equipped of removable partitions to separate the different circuits.

How to choose the right section of cable?

The NF C 15-100 standard defines for each use a section of conductors (in mm²) adapted to the intensity of the current (in amperes) that the circuit must withstand….The higher the intensity, the greater the section is important:

  1. 10A: wire section 1.5mm²
  2. 16 – 20A: wire section 2.5mm²
  3. 32A: wire section 6mm²


What is an electric chute?

A electric trunking is a conduit used to bundle and guide electrical wires and cables along a wall or partition. Thus, this makes it possible to hide the wires that would be visible while ensuring their protection and that of the users.

Which electric wire in trunking?

The gutter consists of a bottom which accommodates the various cables and a cover which fits over it and hides the son. You can place inside the gutter all types of cables: conductors electricTV antenna, ethernet cable or optical fiber for example.

Which sheath for 3×2 5 cable?

How to choose the right diameter of the ducts

Conductors – number x section (mm²)Diameter ICTA, ICTL or ICA (mm)
3×2,5 + 3×1,525
5 x2,525

What is the section of a wire?

Whatis this that‘a section of cable? This is the area in mm² of the “copper” part which conducts electricity, simply seen in cross section. As with designing a water circuit, wiring an electrical circuit requires suitable pipes.

What is the Goulotte?

In short, you have understood that trunking is used to distribute your electrical circuits. In particular, the Technical Housing Chute (GTL) ensures the departure of lighting circuits, electrical outlets, electrical heating and power supply for household appliances.

What are the benefits of a chute?

The GTL trunking is mandatory for renovation or for new construction. Wide device trunking, on which sockets can be mounted, are very practical for wiring rooms where you need to connect many devices.

How to calculate the developed of a gutter?

The development of a gutter depends on: 1 the surface of water to be evacuated: be careful, this is the projected surface of your roof and not the surface of the slope, 2 the inclination of the roof: for the same surface of pan, the higher the slope, the lower the surface of water to be evacuated, 3 of the number of downspouts.

How big is a creeping gutter?

For a creeping gutter, which has a more or less raised angular profile and ends in an open cylindrical hem, the developed range from 3 mm. The diameter of the gutter directly impacts the value of the developed.