What size for a wooden deck?

What size for a wooden deck?

What size for a wooden deck?

Optimize area of comfortable circulation Thus a width of 2.5 to 3m is the minimum to feel comfortable when of your traffic on the terrace. This includes a table of 70cm of wide and 80 cm on each length.

Who to contact to make a terrace?

The earthmoving craftsman: he specializes in earthworks and laying floor coverings in the terrace (wood, composite, tiles, etc.). Most of the time, the digger is able to intervene alone on a site subject to having the machinery necessary for the earthworks.

Do I need a building permit for a terrace?

Make a terrace You do not have to make a declaration at the town hall if you are developing a terrace exterior on one level, itisi.e. not raised or very slightly raised. On the other hand, the terraces requiring an elevation are subject to building permit.

What minimum thickness for a screed?

screed = a covering support Indoors, it will serve as a support for different types of floor covering (tiles, etc.). L’minimum thickness of a screed ranges from 3 to 6 cm.

What thickness for a swimming pool slab?

For a rectangular pool, the most common dimension is 8 m long and 4 m wide (8×4 pool). You still need enough space in your garden. There are, of course, fewer.

What size terrace should you choose for your garden furniture?

In the event, finally, where you want to install a real garden furniture with enough space to move around freely, you have to start on a terrace of 20 to 30m². Now that you know the size of the terrace, you have to take an interest in its shape.

Which concrete to choose for your swimming pool terrace?

If you want your pool deck to look like a beach in the middle of a landscape, we recommend that you choose disabled concrete! Composed, like concrete, of aggregates, cement and water, its implementation technique is very specific: it spreads like conventional concrete.

How to choose your swimming pool?

If you plan to dive in your pool, you should choose a depth of at least 1.50 meters. And if you want to equip a bathroom with a water screen, the depth of your pool should be at least 2 meters. What is the best structure for a swimming pool? What space around the pool?