What size to be tall?

What size to be tall?

What size to be tall?

From what size do we enter the courtyard of big? The internationally recognized criteria of associations of persons of big size set at 1.80 m for these ladies and 1.90 m for these gentlemen. In France, more than 400,000 women belong to this category and nearly 1.3 million men.

What is the best size?

According to a survey by the British dating site AYI.com, the cut ideal of a man for women is 1.83 meters on average. Men measuring this cut would indeed see their chances of getting a date increase by 33% compared to men measuring 1.70 meters.

Do men like petite women?

The men love girls small because they stimulate their protective instinct. Even if this attraction does not apply to all menthe latter are often conditioned to believe that they are protecting women physically and this particularly applies to petite women.

How to choose the right size?

Whether you are a man or a woman, taking the right measurements is essential. Whether it’s for pants, shorts or underpants, assess your size by referring to the location of your navel (the narrowest place) then your hip circumference, the widest area of ​​the pelvis.

How to choose US sizes?

However, most of the time in French stores, American sizes are displayed, so you have to adapt and try. As for children’s sizes, these are taken at chest level, on the breasts unlike adult sizes. The measurement is taken around the neck for French sizes.

What are the different types of sizes?

There are indeed very small or very large sizes, but which will not be mentioned here. For example for very large sizes we will arrive at XXXL. The ISO 3635 standard was created in an attempt to find a system for standardizing sizes on a global level.

How to measure the size of a garment?

The goal is to have sizes and ways of measuring that are all the same. Regarding the measurements for France, the size is measured under the chest, at chest level. This size actually corresponds to half of the garment when it is placed, that is to say on one side.