What studies at Cambridge?

What studies at Cambridge?

What studies at Cambridge?

Research is developed there and many specialties broken down into sub-specialties are represented. University of Cambridge : Arts and Humanities, biological sciences, clinical medicine, Humanities and social sciences, physical sciences, Technology, …

What do you need to know about admission to Cambridge?

In 2017, 268 French students applied to Cambridge for the Bachelor’s degree. Only 31 of them were admitted, which corresponds to a success rate of 11.6%. Admission to the University of Cambridge is therefore reserved for the best students and requires both excellent academic results and particularly rigorous preparation.

Why is Cambridge University called?

The University of Cambridge shares many traditions with the University of Oxford, which is why they are frequently associated with the term “Oxbridge”. Founded in 1209 by students from the University of Oxford, Cambridge is the 4th oldest university in the world and regularly tops international rankings.

How to get to Cambridge College?

Each year, the Cambridge Colleges organize open days between June and September, days to which it is strongly recommended to go. As demand is high, it is mandatory to register in advance.

How to get around Cambridge?

When it comes to getting around town, most people go to Cambridge (to attend conferences for example) on foot or by bike, although the city is also well served by buses.