What TAGE 2 score for kedge?

What TAGE 2 score for kedge?

What TAGE 2 score for kedge?

The school requires a score minimum of 80/210 at Floor 2. For stand out from the other candidates in this competition, we advise you to aim for at least 115/210.

How to be admitted to ESCP?

Terms ofadmission to BSc ESCP Candidates will be asked to provide an English proficiency test where a minimum score of 90 is required for TOEFL (6.5 for IETLS). Then eligible candidates will have to pass a motivation interview, but also a logic test.

How to enter the ESCP?

The direct admission competition (CAD) at theESCP Business School allows access to the first year of the master’s cycle (2nd year of the 3-year course). It is intended exclusively for holders of a French diploma of at least bac+3 level, whatever their course of study.

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT assesses your ability to memorize and use 200 grammar rules. The grammatical correction section (sentence correction) is devoted to the “science of grammar”. The majority of test takers find the GMAT vocabulary tests easier.

What is the difference between GRE and GMAT?

However, the GRE emphasizes vocabulary and word choice unlike the GMAT which focuses on logic and critical thinking. The importance given to vocabulary is particularly a negative point for the GRE.

What is the easiest exam?

Many students have the choice between the GMAT or the GRE when preparing for a master’s or MBA. They often start by asking themselves the following question: “what is the easiest exam?” The GRE has been accepted by business schools since 2009 and back then it was clearly easier than the GMAT.