What to write at school?

What to write at school?

What to write at school?

The writing to theschool However, these writings are for the most part the supports of the evaluation of the child on his learning from which will eventually result multiple and varied supports. This conceals a whole understanding concerning the child in the face of writing. Whatdoto write ?

How to learn writing?

In learning to write, a central place is reserved for the rigorous observation of texts, and in particular for the identification of the invariants which characterize the types of texts, as well as the problems of textual cohesion, in order to be able to reinvest the fruit of this observational work in his own writings.

What is the specificity of school writing?

From the perspective of research in linguistics, one of the main specificities of school writing is indeed the “double level of demand, that which the teacher formulates and that to which the pupil must respond”.

What is the place of writing in the school system?

Writing as it is practiced at school can thus be studied from a sociological perspective, which questions the very place of writing within the school system.

Why do students need writing?

According to this conception of writing, students are all capable of solving themselves the problems they face.