When can we apply for parental parole?

When can we apply for parental parole?

When can we apply for parental parole?

There must remain less than four years in prison for the convicted person, whatever his initial sentence. Finally, the release parental conditional is not granted when there is a risk of recidivism or when the crime or misdemeanor was committed against a minor.

How to benefit from conditional release?

The prisoner who benefits from conditional release is free, but he must respect the conditions which were imposed on him at the time of his release. You have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for parole.

What are the different types of parole?

This condition is for the convict having parental authority over a child under 10 years old and whose main residence is at home. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, there are four types of conditional release. These are temporary absences, day parole, full parole and statutory release.

What is parole?

Forced release. Conditional release is a measure taken by the judiciary to release a prisoner before the expiration of his sentence. Justice takes into account the personal behavior of the detainee, or his situation of fragility related to his age, his state of health or pregnancy, and the presence of his child.

How do I apply for parole?

The request for conditional release is made by written request signed by the convicted person or his lawyer and sent to the sentence enforcement judge (JAP) either by means of a declaration to the head of the establishment, or by registered letter. with acknowledgment of receipt, or even deposited with the registry of the JAP against receipt.