When math gives wings?

When math gives wings?

When math gives wings?

The idea is as follows: start by determining the shape of a simpler flow, that around a cylinder, then deform the cylinder into wing of plane. We will then see how the singular form of thewing allows the appearance of a bearing force, at the origin of the flight.

What is the connection between mathematics and nature?

But the link between mathematics and nature is much deeper: mathematics is often essential to the understanding of phenomena and it makes it possible to make unexpected predictions that will only be observed much later. Here are two fascinating examples.

Why use math?

Conversely, mathematics is used to understand the phenomena that surround us: it is for example thanks to differential equations that we can precisely calculate the trajectories of the stars or predict the weather in a few days.

What are mathematical objects?

Beyond their fascinating beauty, we can also see mathematical objects in them, since the spirals of the sunflower flower follow a famous numerical sequence called the Fibonacci sequence, the snowflakes present particular hexagonal symmetries and the morphology of the fern describes a fractal geometry.

What are the benefits of math?

Whether mathematics is just a representation that makes nature intelligible to study or whether it is its true language, this nature never ceases to fascinate, and it will certainly continue to do so for a long time.