When to print in offset?

When to print in offset?

When to print in offset?

Just remember that theoffset is ideal for medium to large volumes (up to hundreds of thousands of copies), unlikeimpression digital, recommended for low-quantity print runs (+/- 500 copies) and different communication media.

What are the uses of offset printing?

Uses of offset printing Offset printing is used for everyday quality publications such as books, catalogs, flyers and many other documents. It is also used to print quality packaging, on cardboard supports among others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of offset printing?

The advantages of offset printing including: easy production of clichés which implies speed High quality printing and in large numbers use of color printing The disadvantages of offset printing are:

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is one of the so-called “direct” printing processes, which consists of transferring the printing directly onto the support from the printing form.

What are the most commonly used printing processes for printing everyday quality documents?

The fact remains that offset printing, which makes it possible to produce large format prints, is the most widely used printing process for printing standard quality documents. See also: What is letterpress printing?