Where and how are rocks and minerals used in life?

Where and how are rocks and minerals used in life?

Where and how are rocks and minerals used in life?

Those that contain minerals useful are called “ore”. The ore is used to make products we use every day, such as homes, stainless steel pots and pans, electronics, batteries, automobiles and fertilizers.

What is the difference between quartz and silicon dioxide?

Quartz also has the particularity of being classified among the silicates and particularly in the tectosilicates, if we follow the classification of Dana, but it is also classified in the oxides (silicon dioxide) if we follow the classification of Strunz.

What are the constituents of quartz?

It comes in the form either of large colorless, colored or smoky crystals, or of microscopic crystals with a translucent appearance. Constituting 12% (by mass) of the lithosphere, quartz is the most common mineral (oxygen and silicon are the first and second constituents respectively,…

What are the uses of quartz?

Quartz is used in many fields: 1 the production of industrial floors (anti-wear); 2 water purification; 3 industrial sandblasting; 4 decorative material (parks, paths, car parks, etc.); 5 development of golf courses (bunkers); 6 watchmaking; 7 jewelry.

What are the dangers of quartz?

Discoloration, sensitivity to shocks and the appearance of scratches will be inevitable. Some analyzes of quartz samples have shown the presence of toxins, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons, phthalates… the list is already quite long and the nature of the ingredients is rather worrying.