Where are the turbines located?

Where are the turbines located?

Where are the turbines located?

The two exploitation zones in France, which concentrate the most promising marine deposits for the development and exploitation of the sector tidal turbine, to located between the Raz Blanchard in Normandy and the Passage du Fromveur in Brittany; the energy potential of these two areas is estimated at 3,000 MWh/year.

What are EMRs?

Renewable marine energies designate all the technologies who produce electricity from the various resources of the marine environment: the wind, the swell, the currents, the tides, the temperature gradient between warm surface water and cold water at depth.

Who invented the tidal power?

Aristide Berges 1867: first hydroelectric plant in the world built by Aristide Berges in Lancey, near Grenoble. Almost a century later: first factory tidal. But it is no longer possible to give a father to the works of today.

How fast is sea ice flowing?

The flow rate of the Mer de Glace is 120 meters per year in its upper part and 90 meters per year in its lower limit.

How thick is the ice?

The ice thickness is about 150 meters. The seracs and the neve line, where bare ice appears at the end of summer around 2,800 meters above sea level, mark the transition with the ablation zone, i.e. the point where the balance annual melting becomes more important than that of accumulation.

Why was the sea of ​​ice created?

The Mer de Glace originated after the melting of the ice cap that covered the Alps during the last glaciation, and in particular after the disappearance of the Arve glacier which covered the entire valley.

What is the greatest recurrence of sea ice?

This individualization ends in Bölling-Alleröd (1170 BC), a period when temperatures are already almost as hot as they are now. The greatest recurrence of the Mer de Glace occurs just after during the Younger Dryas Cold Oscillation (107 BC).