Where does the water from the pipes go?

Where does the water from the pipes go?

Where does the water from the pipes go?

There are various evacuations of waters used: Those of each device. The collectors of the devices with the pipelines horizontal on which the evacuations are connected. The descents ofwaters housewives, waters valves with pipelines verticals which can be single or separated.

How to calculate the flow rate of a water pipe?

Calculation of a flow in a water pipe. The water flow is expressed in m3/h or in Liter/sec. It then depends on the flow velocity and the water pressure. The flow of water in a pipe actually varies according to the THM (Total Manometric Head) that we will detail in a future article.

How to make a drainpipe?

Cut the vertical portion of the existing evacuation tube about 10 cm from the ground to create a slope of 1 to 2 cm/m. Strip the remaining section with emery cloth. Fit a PVC male elbow with reduction and inspection plug then an elbow of the same diameter as the tube. Then trace the slope of the future drain pipe.

How to cut a drain pipe?

The cutouts must be aligned, they will allow the passage of the pipes (diameter 50 mm for the PVC evacuation pipes). Cut crosspieces of plywood 10 x 35 cm, of equal thickness to the floor, their length should be a little less than the distance between the joists.

Which pipe to choose for the supply?

For food, the rising value is cross-linked polyethylene (PE) pipe. Also called “plymouth” pipe, it is the most used material. Much cheaper than copper (less than €1 per metre), it has the advantage of being very resistant, quick to assemble, and seamless!