Where is the tongue hanging?

Where is the tongue hanging?

Where is the tongue hanging?

The language is a muscular organ that participates in the functions of mastication, swallowing and phonation but also taste. The language is a muscular organ covered with a mucous membrane. Located in the oral cavity, the language is fixed behind and below the floor of the mouth.

What is the correct positioning of the tongue in the mouth?

At rest the tongue must be in position high: the tip and the back in contact with the front part of the palate, in the shape of a wave (this are palatine papillae). The teeth at the bottom should not touch each other, and the lips are joined but flexible.

What are the first symptoms of tongue disease?

The first sufficiently convincing symptoms generally only appear at an already advanced stage of the disease. At first, the proliferation of abnormal cells in the tongue is only manifested by a slight feeling of discomfort when chewing or moving the mobile part of the organ.

What are the tongue symptoms?

Pathologies and diseases of the tongue. high. Canker sore. The inside of the mouth, and in particular the tongue, can be the place of appearance of canker sores, which are small ulcers. Their causes can be multiple such as stress, injury, food sensitivity, etc.

What are the symptoms of swollen tongue?

Symptoms are swelling, a change in color of the tongue, and often a tongue that becomes smooth (the taste buds disappear), “explains the doctor.

What are the throat muscles?

The larynx: several sets of muscles surround this complex cartilaginous duct located in the throat. By expressly working this inseparable area of ​​the tongue and pharynx, we facilitate the arrival of air in our lungs and the swallowing of food.